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nyssa e.
Another fabulous transaction! I am always delighted with the products and service!! Brilliant! 10/10
Jo L.
Love this pattern and made two A blouses already.. Although I've had to guess the placement of the front facing as I just can't figure out the pattern markings. They still look fab and...
Corinne S.
Gorgeous dinosaur fabric. Fabulous quality and speedy delivery. Thank you so much.

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Animals and Insects Children's Iron On Motifs Applique

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 Animals and Insects Children's Iron On Motifs Applique

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Animals and Insects Children's Iron On Motifs Applique

By:Craft Factory

A selection of animal and insects iron on/sew on motif designs. Ideal for clothes embellishment. 

  1. Octopus - H 5.8cm x W 5.2cm
  2. Three Bees H 2.5cm x W 2.5cm.
  3. Ladybird In Boots - H 5.3cm x W 6.cm.
  4. Shark - H 5.3cm x W 6cm
  5. Dolphin - H 6cm x W 5.7cm.
  6. Pink Spotty Butterfly - H 4.8cm x W 5cm.
  7. Dog, Monkey & Elephant - H 1.8cm x W 2.1cm
  8. Ladybird & Flower - H 4.6cm x W 4cm
  9. Cartoon Cat - H 4.2cm x W 4.8cm.
  10. Dancing Penguin - H 6.5cm x W 5.7cm
  11. Butterfly & Flower - H 3cm x W 3cm.
  12. Giraffe - H 5.5cm x W 2.5cm.
  13. Colourful Owl - H 4.5cm x W 4cm
  14. Three Sheep H 2.2cm x W 3cm.
  15. Panda - W/H: 4.2 x 5.2cm.
  16. Blue Owl - W/H: 4 x 4.5cm
  17. Three Cats - H 2cm x W 3cm.
  18. Dragonfly - H 5.5cm x W 6.5cm.
  19. Snail -  H 4.8cm x W 6.2cm
  20. Pink Owl - W/H: 4 x 4.5cm
  21. Three Dogs - H 2.4cm x W 2.8cm.
  22. Bumble Bee - H 4.7cm x W 6cm.
  23. Happy Giraffe - H 7cm x W 5.1cm
  24. Polar Bear & Cubs - H 6.2cm x W 6.2cm.
  25. Three Pink Butterflies -  H 2.3cm x W 2.3cm
  26. Bunny Rabbit - W/H: 3.5 x 6cm.
  27. Black Cat - H 9cm x W 4cm.
  28. Pink/Yellow Butterfly - H 6cm x W 7.1cm.
  29. Three Ladybirds -  H 3.1cm x W 3cm
  30. Pink Butterflies and Flowers - H 3.5 x W 3.5cm, Flowers: H 2.4 x W 2.5cm
  31. Pugs -  W/H: 3 x 3.4cm and 3 x 4cm
  32. Horse Emblem - H 6.3cm x W 5.8cm
  33. Floral Kitty - H 6cm x W 3.5cm
  34. Bunny Rabbit Green - H 6cm x W 4cm
  35. Jumping Frog - H 4.5 x W 6.cm
  36. Stag -  W/H: 5 x 5.5cm
  37. Blue & Yellow Butterfly - H 5cm x W 6.5cm
  38. Green Dinosaur - W/H: 4.5 x 6cm
  39. Long Haired Cat - H 6.3cm x W 2.8cm.
  40. Dressage Horse Badge - H 6.2cm x W 6.2cm.
  41. Westie Dogs - W/H: 4.7 x 3.7cm and 2.7 x 3.6cm.
  42. Cat Kitten - W/H: 4.5 x 6.5cm.
  43. Pink Sequin Butterfly - H 5cm x W 6cm.
  44. Blue Sequin Butterfly -  H 4.8Cm x W 6.1cm
  45. Orange Dinosaur - H 7cm x W 6.3cm.
  46. Standing Fox - W/H: 4.5 x 6cm
  47. Pink & Blue Rabbits -  H 7cm x W 5.6cm.
  48. Yellow Spotted Giraffe - H 6.7cm x W 3.4cm.
  49. Golden Retriever - H 6.5cm x W 6.7cm
  50. Horse Head -  W/H: 4.3 x 6cm
  51. 2 Pink Butterflies - Large: H 3.8cm x W 6.2cm, Small: H2.7cm x W 3.8cm.
  52. Bird & Crown - Bird: H 4. cm x W 4.2cm, Crown: H 2.2cm x W 3.4cm.
  53. Scotty Dog - W/H: 5.5 x 4.5cm
  54. Sitting Cat - W/H: 3 x 5.2cm.
  55. Big and Small Butterfly -  Largest motif: H 4cm x W 5.3cm.
  56. Orange Butterfly - H 5cm x W 8cm
  57. Bunny and Heart - H 6.5cm x W 2.7cm.
  58. Black Horse Badge - H 6.1cm x W 6.1cm.
  59. Lion, Tiger & Elephant - W/H: 2 x 2cm
  60. Colourful Flowers & butterfly - Largest motif H 4.5cm x W 3cm.

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Customer Reviews

Anthony B.


First order arrived today, fantastic service and quality fabrics shall be placing many more orders.

Linda D.


Beautiful fabrics. The choice is amazing. I'm busy fund raising and making items to sell. I'm using lots of animal print fabrics which o see crafty has a georgous choice of. Delivery very good too. Highly recommend Thankyou

Julia F.


Oh Sew Crafty is my new favourite online fabric store. Such a fantastic range of viscose dress making fabrics and what great prices! Thank you!

Gaynor M.


Oh So Wonderful are Oh Sew Crafty! From website ease of use, to brilliant range of choice, prices, quality, delivery and brilliant customer service. Oh Sew Crafty you are really spoiling us xxx!

Anne M.


Just started ordering from Ohsewcrafty. Lovely fabic. Delivery excellent. Great selection.

Lindsey L.


Great service thank you! Will be back again

Lucy C.


Absolutely 5*. Have been ordering from Ohsewcrafty for years for my business and the service is fantastic.

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