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nyssa e.
Another fabulous transaction! I am always delighted with the products and service!! Brilliant! 10/10
Jo L.
Love this pattern and made two A blouses already.. Although I've had to guess the placement of the front facing as I just can't figure out the pattern markings. They still look fab and...
Corinne S.
Gorgeous dinosaur fabric. Fabulous quality and speedy delivery. Thank you so much.

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Different Types Of Sewing Machine Needles

Sharp Points (Also known as Regular)


Sharp point needles cause a minimum amount of puckering to produce an ever stitch without damaging the fabric. This type of needles tends to be used on fabrics such as Cotton and Linen. There a variety of sizes ranging from 9/65 to 18/110, 9/65 being the finest and 18/110 being the heaviest.

Universal Point Needles
These needles have a slightly rounded point and is tapered and tend to be used for every day general sewing, It pushes between fabric yarns rather than piercing it. There are various sizes from 19/120 -16/100, the larger the needle the more rounded the needle point is. 
Quilting needles (Also known as Betweens)
These have a tapered point to prevent damage and it allows you to stitch through several layers of fabric and can also be used with wadding. They are also smaller and stronger than normal needles with a small eye. They come in sizes 9/65 - 12/80

Topstitching Needles
 Has an extra large eye for thicker topstitching thread , deeper groove and a sharp point to penetrate through multiple layers of various fabric. 

Denim/Jean Needles

These have an extra sharp point and is a strong needle. This can be used on a variety of fabric but is commonly used on denim. 

Wedge Point Needles (Also known as Leather Needles)

Used with Leather and Vinyl fabric. It easily pierces fabric and creates a holethat will close back up on itself. Sizes are from 11/75 to 18/110 - larger sizes are designed for heavy leather or  multiple layers.


Embroidery Needles 

These have a large eye and deeper groove to keep decorative thread from shredding and breaking.

Stretch Needles
This has a less rounded point and is especially good for elastic, lyrca and other various stretchy fabrics 

Metalfil Needles 

Metalfil needles are typically used for metallic and other embroidery threads. The needle has an enlarged polished eye which is also an aid to a sewer with restricted vision

Twin Needles

These needles can produce accurate double rows of surface stitching, decorative hems, raised pintucks and two-colour sewing for an extra dimension to embroidery stitch patterns. 

Hemstitch Needles

Creates a small hole in the fabric as is sews and is used in heirloom sewing. This type of needle is typically used on natual woven fabrics such as cotton and linen.

Needle sizes 

The American system uses sizes 8 (the lightest) to 19 (the heaviest) 
The European system uses sizes 60 (the lightest) to 120 (the heaviest) 
Author: Neil laird

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Carolyn dawson

I'm looking for needle to sew tulle would you stock these please
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Customer Reviews

Anthony B.


First order arrived today, fantastic service and quality fabrics shall be placing many more orders.

Linda D.


Beautiful fabrics. The choice is amazing. I'm busy fund raising and making items to sell. I'm using lots of animal print fabrics which o see crafty has a georgous choice of. Delivery very good too. Highly recommend Thankyou

Julia F.


Oh Sew Crafty is my new favourite online fabric store. Such a fantastic range of viscose dress making fabrics and what great prices! Thank you!

Gaynor M.


Oh So Wonderful are Oh Sew Crafty! From website ease of use, to brilliant range of choice, prices, quality, delivery and brilliant customer service. Oh Sew Crafty you are really spoiling us xxx!

Anne M.


Just started ordering from Ohsewcrafty. Lovely fabic. Delivery excellent. Great selection.

Lindsey L.


Great service thank you! Will be back again

Lucy C.


Absolutely 5*. Have been ordering from Ohsewcrafty for years for my business and the service is fantastic.

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